Video Surveillance Center Registry Patch Instructions
Attention Microsoft Internet Explorer Users:

Microsoft Security Update Registry Patch
Microsoft has released a critical update for Internet Explorer 6 that prevents the browser from displaying the cameras.  In order to fix this problem you must first be logged in as an Administrator on your PC, download and run this registry patch.  The patch is harmless and enables the video feeds to perform correctly.

IMPORTANT: You must complete the last step on this page of closing all of your web browser windows and reopen in order to apply the registry patch.

How To Install The Registry Patch
The following instructions will walk you through how to install the Registry Patch on your PC so you can view the live video streams on the Video Surveillance Center.

Step One: Click on the link to the patch for your operating system above.

Step Two: When the File Download prompt comes up, click on the Open button.

Step Three: When the Registry Editor prompt comes up, click on the Yes button.

Step Four: You have now successfully installed the Registry Patch into your PC's registry.  Click OK to close the Registry Editor.

Step Five: Close all of your Internet Explorer browser windows, then open a new browser window and go back to your login page.